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Business Plan Basics 58 Ways To Find Money For Your Business is crammed with tips, information, and help for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need money for their company. From joint venture partners, grants, and bartering to venture capital and small business -SBA loans, you�ll find a way to finance your company, whether you need $500 or $500,000.

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Alternative Financing Sources

Does your company need capital and it doesn't qualify for traditional bank financing? There are alternatives you may not have thought of. For example purchase ordering financing is a loan based on a purchase order from a credit worthy stable customer. Accounts receivable financing is selling accounts from customers that owe you money to a third party who then is responsible for collecting the receivable. Another very similar financing option is invoice factoring, which is when a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e. unpaid invoices) to a third party (or a factor) minus a discount of some type. Each type of financing will be explained more fully on the links below.

Alternatives to Financing. Does your company need money, but you don't want to get a traditional loan or sell equity in your business? Try consignment, home equity loans, vendor financing, customer prepay and more.

Asset Based Lending Accounts receivable, inventory based loans, revolving credit lines, purchase order financing.

Royalty Financing Royalty Financing offers the best aspects of debt financing and the best aspects of equity financing, without the negative sides of both.

Debt Negotiation. Reduce your company's expenses by reducing your debt or payables.

Industry Super The basics of financial advice are made simple here to help you start off the right way.

Joint Venture assistance. Find a partner to help your company or find a product to joint venture.

Trade and Barter. An alternative to cash for your business. Find out how to get started, how to use barter and when to use it.

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