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Entrepreneurs across the state were asked what they thought were the most critical factors to their success in the Arizona business environment. The survey participants were also asked to rank their satisfaction with the professional community, the media, whether mentoring support was available and whether they had utilized the local and state sponsored assistance programs. Additionally several questions focused on the subject of obtaining funding, whether bank loans, venture capital or from private investors. The survey was conducted from January 24th through February 22, 2002, by a web based survey site, by email, and in person at a local networking meeting. Organizations and associations that supported the survey asked their membership to participate as well.

403 entrepreneurs completed the survey. 81% were from the Phoenix metro area, 11% from Tucson, 2% from Flagstaff, and 6% declined to specify where they were located.

65% of the respondents were male and 35% female. 64% were between the ages of 36 to 55 years old. 80% had at least a four year college degree or advanced degree.

26% were very early stage companies, either seed or start-up. 26% were first stage and 41% were at least two years old.

The respondents were truly a cross-section of entrepreneurs, from the earliest "idea" stage to those companies that are established and profitable.

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