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What does it cost to write a business plan?

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Business plan preparation fees depend on several factors including the complexity of the venture and how much research and writing has already been completed by the client. Our fees range from $2,500 to $12,000. After the scope of a project has been agreed to by both the entrepreneur and ourselves, we determine a firm fee commitment. We require 40% of the fee at the beginning, 40% when the draft of the business plan is completed, and the remaining 20% when the final business plan has been accepted. Business Plans usually can be completed in 30 days.

If you would like to get an estimate of what the fee would be to prepare your business plan, here's a worksheet we use.

1. Stage of Company

Start-up--------------------------------------- 3 points

Established company seeking
expansion capital---------------------------------- 5 points

Mature company considering
merger/acquisition--------------------------------- 7 points

Large company using business plan
as a management tool ------------------------------ 9 points

2. Type of Capital Preferred

loan from a commercial bank or SBA loan--------- 1 point

Loan from private lender------------------------ 2 points

Venture Capital -------------------------------- 5 points

Private investor ------------------------------- 5 points

Acquisition Firm ------------------------------- 6 points

3. Project Description

Business Plan Drafted by Client just needs
Review and polishing------------------------------- 1 point

Business Plan has been substantially
Completed by client ------------------------------- 3 points

Business Plan has been partially
Completed by client ------------------------------- 5 points

None of the Business Plan has
been completed ------------------------------------ 7 points

4. Scope of Company's Business

One product or service ------------------------- 1 point

Multi product or several divisions-------------- 6 points

Diversified company with several
Divisions and broad product lines -------------- 10 points

5. Market Analysis Required

Client has complete information on customers,
market size and competitors ----------------------- 1 point

Information not completed by client
But readily available ----------------------------- 4 points

market information is not available and must be completely researched --------------------- 8 points

6. Client Availability

Client is easily available --------------------- 1 point

Client is usually available -------------------- 2 points

Client is difficult to reach ------------------- 5 points

7. Financial Data

No historical financials to analyze
all projections drafted by client ----------------- 1 point

Basic Financials provide by client
need review and additions-------------------------- 3 points

All financial projections completed
by consultant ------------------------------------- 6 points

Substantial financial history to be
included and all projections done by
consultant ---------------------------------------- 7 points

Historical Date must be recast by
consultant (mergers/acquisitions)------------------ 10 points

Narrative Section of Business Plan

Company's operations easily understood
little explanation required ------------------------ 3 points

Company is in a technical field which
requires significant explanation ------------------- 5 points

Highly complex project which requires
substantial explanation -------------------------- 10 points

Client Profile

Client has written business plans before -------- 1 point

Client has owned, managed or
financed other companies --------------------------- 3 points

This project is client's first
entrepreneurial experience ------------------------- 5 points

The Higher the point total the more difficult and time consuming the business plan will be and therefore the fees will be higher.

Please contact Brian Hill or Dee Power contact @ capital-connection . com

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