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Capital Networks and other services to help entrepreneurs find investors

Entrepreneurs seeking capital can get tangled up on the World Wide Web, go to a search engine, put in the key words, venture capital, or private investors, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of matches.

Assistance for entrepreneurs looking for that always allusive investor comes in several varieties: capital networks or angel networks, publications and intermediary or brokerage services.

Business Plan Basics 58 Ways To Find Money For Your Business is crammed with tips, information, and help for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need money for their company. From joint venture partners, grants, and bartering to venture capital and small business -SBA loans, you’ll find a way to finance your company, whether you need $500 or $500,000.

The authors, Brian Hill and Dee Power, put their combined 30 years of experience with early stage companies, and working with hundreds of businesses in nearly every industry, into

58 Ways To Find Money For Your Business.

We've categorized these services in the following categories. Each category includes web sites and companies that provide that service. Each listing of the web site includes: what the service does, how the service works, who pays for the service and how much it costs. The web sites and companies are not being recommended by the Capital Connection but are being included as a source of information. While we have personally visited each of these sites, the information is subject to change.

Intermediary, Investment Banking or Brokerage Sites There are several hundred sites for corporate finance consultants, intermediaries, and investment bankers. These services will find capital on a contingency or commission based on the amount of capital raised. We've tried to find sites that are a little different.

Angel Networks vary considerably. They are generally a group of accredited investors who get together to review companies for potential investment. The investments are made by the individuals not by the network itself. Some angel networks charge a fee to the entrepreneur for the business plan to be reviewed, or for an in-person presentation to be made to the "angels" group and other angel networks don't.

Capital Networks match investors with entrepreneurs based on completed questionnaires from both the investor and the entrepreneur. Capital Networks can include venture capital companies, accredited investors, institutional investors, and intermediaries. If a match is made, the investor is provided with the entrepreneur's company description or executive summary in-the-blind. If the investor wants to proceed, they are given the entrepreneur's name and contact information and the entrepreneur is given the investor's name and contact information.

Capital Networks that are also publicationsThe matching or screening with the investors can be done on-line or off line and a description of the company is either posted on the web, or included in a hard copy publication. Some sites the investor does the screening, others the entrepreneur does the screening.

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