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The Entrepreneur as a Species: Alien or Otherwise
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The Entrepreneur as a Species: Alien or Otherwise

It’s often been said that entrepreneurs are their own breed of animal and like the very rich, are different from you and me. Based upon our many years of dealing with this wily creature we have come up with the following classifications:
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The Visionary – Can go on for hours about expectations for the company two years from now, but hasn't a clue as to what’s going to happen tomorrow, or what did happen yesterday for that matter.

The Preacher – Missionaries come in second place as far as conversion rate is concerned. His company has found the chosen path, and all will be blessed who work for it. Of course the blessing comes in the next life, in this one you’re expected to work for free.

A Blast From The Past – Not only has she never gotten over the bubble burst from the 1999, she doesn’t even recognize it happened. She can’t imagine why anyone would balk at paying $5,000,000 for a 1% share of a company that has no product, no revenues, no assets and no history.

Mr. Mid-life Crisis – Always male, around 50 years old. Slightly receding hairline and wallet. Company employees are young, good looking, single, just what he wants to be

The Mad Inventor – the product is now and will forever more, be the crowning glory of the civilized world as we know it. Customers are a barely tolerated and acknowledged factor in the company’s success.

Sir Last Chance – Made a fortune in the (choose one) real estate, stock, precious metals, pork bellies, market – and lost it. The company is the only way to recoup that investment and by god any means justifies that goal.

Ms. Equity Retentive – Worse than a two year old toddler during potty training when it comes to letting go of ownership shares. It’s her company and she can do what she wants to.

The Bunny Rabbit - hops from one idea to the next without taking time to figure out exactly where he's going. The grass always looks greener for this hare.

The Psychic - bases his decisions on the vibrations from the nether world. Oh and his cell phone. This guy knows what's going to happen in the future so why bother with a business plan.

So there you have it. This list isn't nearly comprehensive. We've only named a few of the major species and there's lots more than in that wild jungle called capitalism.

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