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How To Communicate With Your Boss
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How To Communicate With Your Boss

Whether he's called a boss, a supervisor, a superior or the person an employee reports to, effective communication between the employee and the boss is a vital aspect of building a relationship of respect and being able to work in harmony with as little conflict as possible. Communication takes place verbally over the phone, face to face and by written communication such as letters, emails and private messaging. Article continues below.

How to Communicate With Your Boss

Provide the Information He Needs A supervisor needs timely, relevant information to support his decision making process. An employee must identify what information is most important to communicate, and also what information is extraneous and unnecessary to bring to his supervisor's attention. An employee should strive to keep his boss updated on progress he is making on assignments.

Respect the Boss' Time An employee may make the mistake of thinking he can advance his career by becoming friends with his boss. Don't show up in the supervisor's office just to chat -- this is needless communication that wastes the boss' valuable time. The best way for an employee to strengthen a relationship with a boss is to perform his job at a consistently superior level.

Be Honest About Bad News It is human nature for an employee to not want to inform the boss of bad news or of mistakes the employee has made. Neglecting to keep a supervisor informed only compounds the problem. If a supervisor doesn't know what the problem is, he can't determine a solution. To those above him in the company it may appear that he doesn't have things under control in his department, or he too is withholding information from his superiors. Keep in mind that sometimes the bearer of bad news is blamed for the bad news, at least in the first rush of emotion. Take a deep breath and don't let it bother you. When the dust settles the boss will realize you're not responsible for the bad news.

Learn the Form of Communication the Boss Prefers Some supervisors prefer email communications from employees and check their email inbox regularly throughout the day. Others still rely on the telephone as the best means to communicate with employees. Some supervisors rely primarily on in-person contact with employees, either having them visit his office or making visits to his employees' offices or workstations to check on their progress during the day.

Communicate in the way your boss prefers. Ask for a confirmation email in return if the information must be addressed quickly. Now you know how to communicate with your boss.

How to communicate with your boss

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