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General Business Services and Products for Your Business

The Capital Connection provides resources to numerous services to help entrepreneurs establish their business and help it grow. Every business needs an array of services to stay in business. Marketing, Website Design and hosting, Financing Sources, Experts and Business Planning can all be found on the left hand navigation bar.

Consultants provide expert advice on management, business planning and human resources, as well as technical advice. Consultants may be more cost effective than hiring employees. Some companies provide very specialized services such as finding tax incentives you might miss. Find a team of consultants that are located near your business for hands on help.

Consultants and outsourcing firms only do part of the job. Hiring employees is a part of running a company. Check the educational background of employees so they fit your requirements. If you don't use the services of an outplacement human resource firm than you must do a background check yourself on the candidates who are finalists. Update your employee handbook once a year and have it reviewed by an attorney. It's also important to have a procedure in place when you have to terminate employees.

Marketing and Promotions

Promoting new products and services is something that can make or break a companies fortunes, that is why it often makes sense to engage in direct marketing such as roadshows and exhibition events. Bringing roadshows to the customer, whether it be a B2B or B2C situation can help promote the brand and create a lasting impression. With staff on hand to promote & answer questions paired with impressive visuals and a chance to get hands-on it truly makes sense for businesses to consider this form of marketing when they need that extra push.


Insurance is vital to your ongoing business. Business Insurance can assist in the office and equipment safety and operation, particularly in regards to physical damage, theft and other categories.

Of course you need standard business and liability insurance but your company may also require commercial auto insurance if you have company cars, trucks, or vans. Health insurance costs are skyrocketing as are medical care expenses. Even small businesses may qualify for group health insurance through associations. No one likes to think about it but being disabled for a short period of time, even as little as six months, can have a devastating effect on your business, perhaps even forcing it to close.

Communication Needs

Communication needs include Internet access, Business Phone Systems, email hosts and email distribution services. Retail businesses require credit card processing or merchant accounts, gateway services, shopping carts, and of course an easy to navigate store to show off their products.

Online Retail Services

For those conducting retail business online or off line, reliable wholesale providers are required as well as shipping and fulfillment houses. Wholesalers are the link between the manufacturer and your business. They can often provide a better price than if you contacted the manufacturer directly because they buy in large quantities for a number of different businesses.

Drop shippers mean you don't have to take possession of the product but can have it shipped directly to the customer from your source. Fulfillment houses take possession of your product and fill the orders and ship the products.

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Office supplies, Furniture and Equipment

Printers have come a long way since those big clumsy boxes. Now a printer faxes, scans and prints in both black and white and color. It�s almost like having a full-fledged print shop in your office.

Whether you have a home office, executive suite, or full fledged office building, your business needs supplies, furniture and equipment. If you're on a tight budget consider used furniture. You may be surprised -- or maybe not -- to find nearly everything you need for your business online.

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